Is Jonathan Van Ness dating anyone?

Beloved TV series Queer Eye just returned for its fourth season on July 19, offering up lots of laughs, inspiring moments, and of course, the total waterworks. Each of the men bring so much to the table with all their help, truly becoming the greatest team when together. But many fans have the same question while watching: Are any of the Fab 5 dating each other? Although Antoni Porowski and Jonathan Van Ness have begun trolling fans with their kissing photos and even an Instagram page dedicated to shipping them as an item, the truth is they’re not dating. Actually, none of the men are together. But here’s who they are with. He revealed that he met Trace, an interior designer known for his role on Flipping Out , through Instagram. However, US Weekly reports on Aug. While the Queer Eye star suggested there was a cheating situation, he later took to social media to explain that Wilco is “a good person,” adding that “things just don’t work out. Tan France has been happily married to Rob France since , after meeting on a dating website.

Antoni Porowski

If you’ve watched Netflix’s Queer Eye , the reboot of the early aughts’ groundbreaking makeover series, you’ve probably fallen in love with Antoni Porowski. Whether it’s his soulful blue eyes, his penchant for literary- and band-themed T-shirts, or the way he gets really, really excited about an elevated grilled cheese sandwich , it’s hard not to crush hard on the Fab Five’s resident foodie.

Luckily, it looks like fans might even have more fuel for fodder: According to The Hollywood Reporter , Netflix has given the green-light to a rom-com based on Antoni’s dating history. Even better, it’s likely to bring bisexual and pansexual representation to the forefront.

The reality-show star says he’s living with H.I.V., and speaks about being an addict and a sexual abuse survivor.

Netflix has teamed up with Queer Eye star Antoni Porowski for a movie based on his dating experiences as a sexually fluid man. According to The Hollywood Reporter , Porowski developed the story with Black-ish creator Kenya Barris who also wrote the upcoming remake of The Witches and it’ll be produced under his Khalabo Ink Society banner at the streaming service. Related: Netflix confirms fate of Queer Eye after season 5.

Porowski previously spoke to Digital Spy about the biggest challenges he’s faced on Queer Eye. As it turns out, season 1’s second episode star Neal Reddy proved quite the transformation subject, as Porowski explained: “I felt that with Neal, I really worked the hardest on trying to get through to him. He wouldn’t engage in any eye contact with us when we first met, would not look us in the eye But then I realised, ‘Wow, this is how he functions in the world.

Elaborating on Neal’s amazing turnaround, the Fab Five member added: “To see that transformation occur during the week, for his posture to change and his shoulders drop and for him to look us in the eye and be really affectionate and sweet They’re all vulnerable, compassionate and kind and ready for a change, but with Neal, at least for me, he really affected me.

Coming to Netflix in June: New ‘Queer Eye’ and ‘Dating Around’; Spike Lee and Will Ferrell

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Netflix is making a romantic comedy film based on Antoni Porowski from Queer Eye’s dating life – and we are so here for it.

T an France comes into the room, sits to my right and immediately bounces back up and asks to swap chairs. He wants me, he explains, to see his good side. So we switch, and he sits and crosses his legs. As the self-styled Fab Five spend a week doing their subject up, they also get to what Queer Eye considers the heart of the matter: rooting out issues of poor self-esteem hidden beneath bad hair, cargo pants and Crocs, and trying to mend them.

Before Queer Eye, he had no gay friends, and a private Instagram account. Now he has 2. He is now the most famous — and in fact the only — out gay Muslim man on western television. We meet in a corporate hotel suite that could do with a little Queer Eyeing, though France himself needs no intervention. Neat and muscular, his style is understated, with a cartoonish salt-and-pepper quiff and Bambi eyes. Lip balm is reapplied several times; his legs remain crossed throughout our conversation.

Everything You Need to Know About the Fab Five’s Boyfriends and Husbands

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Meet the partners, boyfriends, fiance and husbands of Queer Eye is currently developing a Netflix rom-com loosely based on his dating life.

Jonathan Van Ness was having a late breakfast at the Empire Diner, around the corner from his one-bedroom apartment in the Chelsea neighborhood of Manhattan. But Mr. He was hung over. Van Ness said. For much of the summer, Mr. Van Ness unspools with remarkable transparency. He cracked his knuckles as he fidgeted from nerves.

Are ‘Queer Eye’ Stars Antoni Porowski And Jonathan Van Ness Dating?

Netflix’s resident beauty guru just denied the rumors that he’s in a relationship with the show’s cooking star. Fans blew their tops after Fab Five member Karamo seemingly confirmed the two were dating after tons of speculation from followers. But Van Ness put an end to that on Wednesday, writing that he and Antoni “are a couple

Are any of the ‘Queer Eye’ guys dating? Some of the Fab Five are married, while others are single and ready to mingle. Details on their love.

And they aren’t doing too much to dispel the rumors. The two have their own shared Instagram account with a combined celebrity couple name jvntoni , and they have kissed multiple times in photos. But a recent tweet suggests that it’s all for show. Queer Eye works because of the incredible chemistry and friendship among the five leads.

A potential romantic relationship could shake up the vibe of the group, but it’s possibly all a big facade. Comments from their costars and each other seem as if they’re joking, but it’s hard to tell. Honestly, if it were true, I couldn’t even be mad because they would make such an adorable couple. The internet absolutely lost it when Antoni Porowski was pictured kissing his costar Jonathan Van Ness. On that same day the could be-couple created a joint Instagram account dedicated to their “relationship.

For the entire month they have shared super couple-y images, and Van Ness just recently shared this adorable one. Van Ness captioned this photo, “These pics are so cute I posted another one.

Are Any Of The ‘Queer Eye’ Cast Members Dating In Real-Life?

Being able to be free and have fun with friends is the ultimate luxury these days. The news comes after Antoni and his Queer Eye castmate Jonathan Van Ness confirmed they are not dating after burning the internet to the ground with a series of pictures hinting at romance. His confession came hours after the silly dorks decided to set up a brand new account, jvntoni, and post behind the scenes picture and clips of their 4 July celebrations.

Antoni however has opened up seriously about what he wants from his next boyfriend, admitting to People that he needs to take some time out to re-define his sense of self.

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All members of the Fab Five, as they are known, are solidly handsome and well kempt, but Antoni is dreamily beautiful, a grownup teen idol: lanky and toned, with deep eyes and soft cheeks and a boyish grin. He is never shown holding a puppy, but he seems at any time like he might be. He looks uncannily like the musician John Mayer, or, more precisely, he looks how John Mayer probably thinks John Mayer looks.

All that, and he cooks, too. Or does he? Antoni truthers call on us to tear our eyes away from the Superman curls falling over the rakish bandanna headband, the alluringly frayed slim-cut jean shorts and Strokes T-shirts over firm tanned arms, and instead observe that Antoni spends the show making recipes that verge on the remedial: grilled cheese, honey mustard, two-ingredient salads. There are further grounds for suspicion. A rigorous Junkee investigation reveals that Antoni has never been seen actually cooking over a standard stove or oven.

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