Explain the pain – Is it osteoarthritis or rheumatoid arthritis?

Click here to join our e-news list for information, tips, articles and videos to help you live well with arthritis. Stay up to date here. Anyone can develop arthritis and there are many different forms. While none are curable, all are treatable. You can take control of arthritis. If you are a Queenslander living with arthritis, or caring for someone who does – we are here to help.

Caring and arthritis

A chronic condition like PsA requires so much time and attention that it can feel like you already have a significant other — and a needy one at that. This is a conundrum neither Harry nor Sally had to face. Perhaps this is how they made romance look so easy.

Note: More up to date information regarding RA pathogenesis may be found in lectures given by the author on this website. Immune Mediated Inflammatory.

Dating is tricky enough without throwing in a diagnosis of a chronic autoimmune disease , such as rheumatoid arthritis or multiple sclerosis. Four folks who have been in the dating trenches share their stories — including why having a chronic illness helped them find their soulmates and made their relationships even stronger. Here, four things they want you to know. While her date was gracious, she still felt humiliated. Then, a couple of years later, she went on a first date with her now-husband, Santiago, to a park.

She confessed to Santiago that she had rheumatoid arthritis and the stairs would be difficult to manage. The next thing she knew, he had swept her up in his arms and was gallantly carrying her down the steps. Sean Ritz, 25, a public relations executive in New Jersey, remembers one disastrous date when he had to bail out of rock climbing because of his achy joints.

Kai Brown, a year-old television marketing consultant in Edgewater, N. Ten years later, Brown is celebrating her engagement to a man who shares her same values, including compassion. Ritz agrees.

Arthritis (young people)

You might think that arthritis is something only grandparents get, but it’s a condition that affects people of all ages. Read on to find out about juvenile idiopathic arthritis or JIA , a specific kind of arthritis that can affect people under age Arthritis doesn’t affect young people as much as it does adults, but lots of teens still get it. When it becomes inflamed, fluid is produced.

The joints can become stiff, swollen, painful, and warm to the touch.

A number one mistake – bringing up your arthritis on the first date or before you even Identifying yourself with arthritis to someone who doesn’t know you can.

Arthritis can affect your relationships in many ways. From having to cancel plans with a loved on, to not feeling romantic because of your pain, there are ways you can cope with the impact arthritis may have on your relationships. Maybe you want to tell. Alex Shikhman, MD, a San Diego rheumatologist, says the majority of his patients opt to stay quiet about their arthritis in the workplace for fear of it adversely affecting their job status.

Working with arthritis patients, he found that those with a more common, more socially understood disorder — osteoarthritis, for example, as opposed to fibromyalgia — tend to disclose more often. To explore how this personal decision can play out in everyday life, Arthritis Today asked three people to share how they told others. Read their stories — and what psychologists have to say. Diagnosed at age 20, Sally experienced periodic flares for a couple of years but is now enjoying a remission.

Sally finds the arthritis help and support she needs from telling only family and close friends, including her boyfriend of five years. If it came up, I would be open and talk about it. Sally acknowledges that her decision to remain quiet with her employer could change if her condition worsened. Paramedic Fire Fighter Rick Williams remembers nearly 10 years ago when throbbing pain in his hands would regularly awaken him at 2 a.

Love Among the Ruins

Dating can be an intense experience under the best of circumstances. If you have physical limitations from a medical condition, such as arthritis , you may be apprehensive about the dating process, but relationships and dating are part of life. With the right perspective and approach, dating can enhance your life.

Maven Doctors · TheArthritisConnection · Psoriatic Arthritis. Do you have any dating tips for someone newly dating a person with psoriatic.

A diagnosis of rheumatoid arthritis can be devastating not only for the patient, but for loved ones as well. There is a saying that when one person lives with RA, the family lives with RA. Disease is not a considerate member of the family and will often interfere, and seems to do its best to inflict harm on any relationship if given the chance. Here are eight ways that you and your partner can maintain a healthy relationship despite chronic illness. Create a safe environment for your partner and be willing to ask that your partner create a safe environment for you when you need it.

Each member of the relationship needs to know that their partner is committed to a future together. A sense of emotional safety comes from the ability to express your thoughts and feelings openly and to accept each other’s differences. As physical needs change, make alterations at home to assist the person with physical limitations to stay as independent as possible. Working with a financial planner who has expertise in handling chronic medical conditions may help to improve financial security individually and collectively.

Protect your relationship from difficult times by creating positive connections. Gottman and Nan Silver list 62 activities that foster positive sentiment in a relationship. Research indicates that successful relationships have five times more positive interactions than negative ones during arguments, and up to 20 times more positive than negative exchanges in regular interactions.

Arthritis Today

Research over the past fifty years has brought about major advances in finding causes as well as better ways to treat arthritis. New findings have helped reduce deaths, correct deformities, restore movement, and reduce pain. More than years ago, a gout attack kept the English statesman William Pitt from stopping the passage of a tax on tea by Parliament. The tax led to the Boston Tea Party and the independence of the American colonies.

In the past 40 years, researchers have found ways to control the arthritis caused by gout so that no one today need miss an important day from work. In the past 30 years, research has created artificial joints–spare parts for people with arthritis.

Therapeutic lotions that reduce joint pain may also help someone with arthritis relax for an intimate date, especially if his or her spouse offers a massage with a​.

As you consider starting an arthritis exercise program, understand what’s within your limits and what level of exercise is likely to give you results. Exercise is crucial for people with arthritis. It increases strength and flexibility, reduces joint pain, and helps combat fatigue. Of course, when stiff and painful joints are already bogging you down, the thought of walking around the block or swimming a few laps might seem overwhelming.

But you don’t need to run a marathon or swim as fast as an Olympic competitor to help reduce arthritis symptoms. Even moderate exercise can ease your pain and help you maintain a healthy weight. When arthritis threatens to immobilize you, exercise keeps you moving. Not convinced? Read on. Exercise can help you improve your health and fitness without hurting your joints. With your current treatment program, exercise can:. Though you might think exercise will aggravate your joint pain and stiffness, that’s not the case.

Lack of exercise actually can make your joints even more painful and stiff. That’s because keeping your muscles and surrounding tissue strong is crucial to maintaining support for your bones.

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Everyone has strengths and weaknesses. Remember everything you bring to the table. Pay attention on the first date. Look for clues that Mr.

See what people had to say in response to the questions: When is the right time to tell someone? How much do you tell? Do you have tips for.

Objective: A “window of therapeutic opportunity” has been hypothesized to be present in early rheumatoid arthritis RA. To determine the date of this window, we must know the symptom-onset date of the RA. Patients participating in an observational study of early aggressive rheumatoid factor RF positive RA were evaluated to assess the accuracy of their recall of symptom-onset date by comparing the onset date they reported at the first visit with that reported on subsequent 6-monthly questionnaires.

Methods: One hundred eighty-six patients with early RA at entry: median disease duration 5. As a part of each questionnaire, patients were asked to recall their RA symptom-onset date. These dates were then compared to the dates reported on the initial questionnaire.

Living with arthritis: What’s it like to be diagnosed at a young age?