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Is this the beginning of the end for dance music’s torrid affair with major labels? His first post-SHM album, Wild Youth , has been reportedly finished for months and held up only by disagreements about a release date. Despite its hook-filled chorus and Journey-like lyrics, the record, featuring Dougy Mandagi of The Temper Trap, failed to chart and hasn’t become the staple of festival sets it could have. In many ways, the move to go independent is hardly a surprise coming from Angello; he has always been an outlier and is widely considered to be the motivating force behind the end of Swedish House Mafia in when the trio was at the top of its game. While other artists are excited about the financial prospects of signing to a major, Angello is known to be more in pursuit of his own creative freedom and control over his work. The DJ has spent a considerable amount of time in the past 18 months further developing his own SIZE records, nurturing artists and building the label’s infrastructure. By the way, our entire society is crumbling. Regardless of your stance on Black Out Tuesday, it’s clear that the music industry is plagued by inequality.

Columbia Record Company recordings – Coronet & Philips labels

A recording contract might seem like the Holy Grail, but record labels are not charity concerns and their contracts are not set up with your interests in mind. Our guide to contract terms, written by an entertainment lawyer, explains what it all means and what the implications are for the artist. You’ve written and recorded your demo, you’ve played some great gigs, and you can now boast a multitude of MySpace friends, from Watford to Wichita and back again.

What do you do? If this is the fortunate dilemma in which you find yourself, hold fire. Before you do anything, you’ll need to know what’s up for grabs.

Capitol Records in the USA joined itself with Electrical and Musical Industries (​EMI) in and Capitol issued a withdrawal notice before the actual release date. and the record labels indicated that the album was manufactured by Capitol but.

Index of International Releases by Country. All flag images from the World Flag Database – used with thanks. This page is at the moment still a work in progress! Its purpose is to include country-specific information that would otherwise have to be repeated on many album and singles pages, and also highlight unusual country releases such as for Algeria and Angola, where only one Dylan release has so far been identified.

The number of countries where Sony Music manufactures albums is now greatly reduced, for example all European CDs were sourced for many years from Austria, not pressed locally anymore as vinyl used to be. They now seem to be manufactured in Germany. During the s, s and early s many Columbia US albums were exported to Europe and elsewhere but had to have all instances of “Columbia” covered over and replaced by “CBS” for copyright reasons. For examples of these export albums see below.

G erd Rundel found the following information re Columbia US first pressings at the Analog Planet web-site from former Columbia engineer Phil Brown: ” Columbia Records would often cut six or more lacquers at the same time for high demand records. Multiple lacquers would be cut and sent to various pressing plants so that they could have more than one plant pressing the records at the same time. The coding of the lacquers with letters allowed the lacquers to be assigned to different pressing plants.

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Date Records was a subsidiary of Columbia Records, and was set up by Tom Noonan, a well-known music industry executive. The Date label.

General Dating 78 RPM recordings: print online Catalogs by: company name: print online genre, medium of performance, etc. Discography of American historical recordings. Daniels, William R. The American 45 and 78 rpm record dating guide, Westport, Conn. HSR ML Gart, Galen. ARLD : the American record label directory and dating guide, Milford, N. Barr, Steven C. The almost complete 78 rpm record dating guide.

Columbia Records, 1901-1934: A History

To return to front page, click here. See E78PB. Remaining stocks of the latter were jobbed off and exported to Australia, where Camden labels were affixed. So some Camdens will be electrically recorded, and some by the old mechanical system. It is the latter that qualifies them to appear on this page.

As one of four label groups within Sony Music Entertainment Inc., Columbia Records does not independently report its financial results; they are.

The complaints from customers all over the U. The commercial public would not be able to consume and listen to sturdier, lengthier LPs for another 15 years. First, it had to deal with political and economic misery. Cue the applause track. When Columbia was finally freed from geopolitical conflict and able to resolve the LP’s previous technical difficulties — pickups that were too heavy, grooves that were too wide, playback times that were too short, and audio fidelity that was too crappy — everything changed.

Eventual Columbia president Goddard Lieberson introduced the label’s masterful LP evolution at the Waldorf-Astoria Hotel in , and the commercially available long-playing record went supernova. Eventually, Columbia copyrighted the term LP outright, denying other labels recourse to use a ubiquitous industry buzzword to market their individual releases.

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‘Roxanne’ Singer Arizona Zervas Signs With Columbia Records

Easton — and a group of investors. It derived its name from the District of Columbia , where it was headquartered. As was the custom of some of the regional phonograph companies, Columbia produced many commercial cylinder recordings of its own, and its catalogue of musical records in was 10 pages. Thereafter it sold only records and phonographs of its own manufacture.

In , Columbia introduced the “XP” record, a molded brown wax record, to use up old stock.

Terre Haute, IN, These are the four Columbia US “6 eye” stereo record label variants with illustrations of contemporary albums, which helps date them closely.

Despite countries having to be bailed out, stock markets in chaos and even gold on the slide, the price for mega-rare vinyl remains unaffected by the recession. Collectors are still prepared to go all out to attain those precious artefacts. This list of rarities is only the tip of the iceberg – the Rare Record Price Guide lists over , entries. The Beatles, the Sex Pistols, David Bowie, Queen and Led Zeppelin continue to dominate the top branches, but a massive number of new entries from the late 60s and early 70s have now muscled their way onto the hot property ladder.

Have you got them? Their second LP sold poorly. This, their third, was released under contractual obligation with no promotion. Engineer Brian Carroll threw away 20 copies! This album was canned. There are still a few floating around in circulation with labels but no sleeves.


Birka Jazz in , the local street record shop at Birkagatan in Stockholm. The following year we started our webshop on the internet. More about the book The private archive. The Louis Armstrong Story, vol. The Bessie Smith Story, vol.

Deniece Williams “Blind Dating” 45 Record Blind Dating & Black Butterfly Condition Excellent Quantity 1 available Speed 45RPM Record Label Columbia​.

The critically acclaimed biopic Walk The Line depicts the life and career of Johnny Cash from his initial rise to stardom in the s to his resurgence following a drug-fueled decline in the s. The selection of this time span made perfect sense from a Hollywood perspective, but from a historical perspective, it left out more than half of the story. During this period, Johnny Cash established himself as a titanic figure in American popular culture while selling millions upon millions of records for Columbia, but by the mids, fashions in country music had shifted dramatically away from his old-school style, and the hits simply stopped coming.

In , having also recently dropped jazz legend Miles Davis from its roster of artists, Columbia chose to end its no-longer-profitable relationship with Johnny Cash. Cash did not remain professionally adrift for long, however, releasing four original albums and numerous re-recordings of earlier material over the next seven years on Mercury Records. But it was not until that Cash truly found his creative bearings again. That was the year that he released the album American Recordings , the first in a series of albumson the label of the same name headed by Rick Rubin, the original producer of the Beastie Boys and the co-founder, with Russell Simmons, of Def Jam Records.

Johnny Cash went on to have two more massively successful solo albums with American Recordings prior to his death in Rick Rubin went on to become co-head of Columbia Records in , a position he left in But if you see something that doesn’t look right, click here to contact us! On July 15, , the San Francisco-based podcasting company Odeo officially releases Twttr—later changed to Twitter—its short messaging service SMS for groups, to the public.

THE BEATLES: The US Capitol Albums

Date Records was a sub-label of Columbia Records which had two different incarnations. The first incarnation was a short-lived rockabilly label in which included a release by Billy “Crash” Craddock. The more significant incarnation was relaunched in February by industry executive Tom Noonan.

Return to: Columbia Records Overview Skip to: Columbia Matrix Codes THE LJC First editions and re-issues on the “Columbia all round” red label, date from.

The first label variation on which Beatles records were pressed was the classic black label with a rainbow color band. This variation of the Black Rainbow label was first issued in the early sixties T and has a glossy label. This label variation was kept until where Capitol Records of Canada was re-incorporated to Capitol Records Canada. Labels then had the CANADA in brackets, making it easier to differentiate early sixties pressings from late sixties repressings.

This label was used for Beatles records until where they switched to their own label called Apple Reords. Two plants pressed Beatles records, the indentation ring found on the labels allows us to easily identify which plant pressed a record.

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Some occasional records have a ring resembling a Columbia pressing in some way. In , The Beatles started their own record label called Apple Records. To date, only one Beatles single from the series is known to have been​.

The Arhoolie Foundation Archive contains many vintage record company catalogs and publications of regional and ethnic music. Not only do these catalogs list recordings, but some have information and photos of musicians and lyrics to songs. Below is a selection from these relics of a bygone era. Click on image to open and view contents not all publications have their contents scanned updated with additional catalogs Song lyric magazine produced by various companies.

Featuring song lyrics, photos of musicians, record lists and advertisements.

June 21, 1948: Columbia’s Microgroove LP Makes Albums Sound Good

More Images. Please enable Javascript to take full advantage of our site features. Columbia Edit Label. Columbia Profile:. Columbia Records is the oldest brand name in recorded sound.

one advantage: in many cases Columbia records can be dated by the changes in manufacturer credits on the labels. In passing, it should be added that the third.

Date Records was a subsidiary of Columbia Records, and was set up by Tom Noonan, a well-known music industry executive. The Date label was “launched” more accurately, re- launched in February, , with its first three singles. It was closely connected to Columbia, with many of the same people in charge of both labels. It was set up to accommodate master purchase and independent production, that is, music that was outside of Columbia’s “in-house” recording and production.

In case you’ve ever wondered if “date” referred to the calendar or to a romantic appointment, the logo provides the answer, with a telephone dial inside the lower case “d. He had been with Billboard since in the chart research area, and it was Noonan who in launched the “Hot ” Chart so well known to record collectors.

In early December, , it was announced that he would run the Date label, reporting directly to William P. Gallagher, Columbia’s Vice President. Noonan told Billboard December 4, , page 3 that “The sources of product will be primarily based on purchased masters, and will deal for the most part with independent producers. Date will handle varied repertoire, crossing all musical barriers.

Medley of Emmett’s Yodels – Columbia’s First Disc Record label ? 1901